Saturday, October 24, 2009

An unorganized list of my likes and interests

Animals, fashion, wishlisting, making lists, beards, crafting, crocheting, knitting, finger knitting, antiques, furniture, being alone, thrift store deals, organizing, re-organizing, making collages, pianos, reading, making mixes, toy stores, 80s music, cleaning, Google Reader, chicken soup, dogs, rodents, cats, turtles, Hanukkah, Target, miscellaneous blogs, hip hop and electronic music, boots, singing, silver jewelry, rings, bows, Halloween, stealing the warmth from showers, Scottish Fold cats, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Lhasa Apsos, Pugs, French Bulldogs, odd animals (such as capybaras, degus, jerboas, and tapirs), CVS/Pharmacy, pumpkins, foreign movies, old movies, Netflix, Christmas, Christmas music, shoes, Agent Provocateur, small stuffed animals, old pictures, Fiestaware, small glass animals, IKEA, bananas, photography, fake fur coats, wedges, short hair, wavy hair, small .gif pictures, rubies and other jewels, naked pictures, pink and teal, Mexican food, Qdoba/Chipotle, sushi, White Zinfindel, Riesling, Bananagrams, vintage magazines, Mario Kart, American Apparel, calendars, traveling, dancing (badly), singing, scarves, craft fairs, walking, framed pictures, etc etc.

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