Monday, December 7, 2009

10 things I like

1. YOKOO's amazing knitwear

2. Elsie's DIY Woodgrain rug

3. The Day of the Dead

"Sugar Skulls" via Fussy Gussy's Etsy

"Sweets Seller" by Laurie Lipton

4. Terrariums

by GnomeHomes

Terrorium for Halloween Wunderkammer by Poopscape Projects

by Mavis

Everlasting Terrariums via Craftzine

Lightbulb Terrarium via Instructables

5. Teeth

Mervin the Molar by Kat's Scratchpad

Tooth Fairy Bags by The Purle Bee

6. These shortbread message heart cookies via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

7. These costumes of the twins from The Shining

8. These flocked fawns via TheThinVeil's Etsy

9. Alex & Chloe necklaces

10. This picture of a sheep wearing Willow's felted beads via Freckled Nest

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